"Karat" driving school presentation, Kyiv
Промо Карат - твоя зручна автошкола де ти вивчиш ПДР та станеш безпечним і впевненим водієм.
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Driving test at the TSC 8042 Tupolev autodrome
Examination routes of the Tupolev service center
Learning to drive a car with a manual transmission
Changes in driver's license from 12.2021
How to choose a driving school
Learning to drive through equal and unequal intersections

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Driving school in Kiev "Karat": an individual approach to each student.

Our teachers and instructors in the learning process use an individual approach to each student, taking into account his work / study schedule, personal affairs, personality traits, etc. This approach is fundamentally different from standard driving schools that offer a general training system for each student.

That is why, at the driving school, we strive to provide a free training schedule for our cadets, so that each of the students can attend school at any convenient time for the cadets of the "Premium" format. The driving school is glad to see you every day: on weekdays from 10:00 to 21:00, and on weekends from 10:00 to 18:00. The teachers explain the wisdom of traffic rules and traffic safety rules as clearly as possible with illustrative examples. For a better assimilation of the material, generally accepted methods and proprietary developments are used, which have an effective impact on the process of mastering the educational material.