Driving school in Kyiv Karat

Parking, maneuvering, reversing, emergency braking, avoiding minor obstacles, sense of speed, working with dimensions
new cars 2016-2020 model year
instructors with 7 years of training experience
years of successful work of the Karat driving school
driving school КАрат — an individual approach to each student
driving school КАрат — an individual approach to each student
driving school КАрат — an individual approach to each student
Our Main Goal
We give the necessary knowledge and practical skills for confident driving in the real conditions of the city and not to be afraid to get behind the wheel immediately after obtaining a driver's license
Training at a convenient time, without surcharges and hidden fees
Duration of courses from 2 months
Training in categories "A", "A1" and "B"


A good instructor is the key to good driving
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Bilokurov Konstantin
Brezdenyuk Oleg
Vladika Dmytro
Nagurnyi Anton
Ivanichenko Vyacheslav
Chernetska Kateryna
Shvachkin Sergey
Glushchets Dmytro


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Cars with manual transmission
Cars with automatic transmission
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I graduated from the driving school "Karat" in Obolon. I was advised of this school, and I also advise others. Flexible class schedule, there is also the opportunity to teach theory online. Special thanks to my instructor Alexander Tsyganov for his patience, professionalism, smart driving advice. He always remained calm in any situation, explained and showed everything clearly and understandably. I recommend to everyone who wants to learn to drive a car.
Anastasia Rzaieva
I want to thank Karat School for teaching. I thank Serhiy Serhiyovych and Valery Mykhailovych for their professionalism and the positiveness with which each lecture took place. Special thanks to my driving instructor, Alexander Anatolyevich Tsyganov! For his attentiveness and "angelic" patience. He is a professional and just a wonderful person. I recommend to everyone who really wants to learn to drive.
Lyudmyla Aleksandruk

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Driving school in Kyiv "Karat": an individual approach to each student

Our teachers and instructors in the learning process use an individual approach to each student, taking into account his work / study schedule, personal affairs, personality traits, etc. This approach is fundamentally different from standard driving schools that offer a general training system for every student. That is why, at the driving school, we strive to provide a free training schedule for our cadets, so that each of the students can attend school. at any convenient time for cadets of the "Premium" format. The driving school is glad to see you every day: on weekdays from 10:00 to 21:00, and on weekends from 10:00 to 18:00