Nearest start:
03 October
Course duration
2,5 month
40 drive lessons
Number of seats
24 seats
30 500 uah
20 lectures for 1.5-2.5 hours

Theory course

All sections of traffic rules
Road Safety Fundamentals
Car law
Car maintenance
First aid
Lessons 1-5

Practical course

Learning driving techniques
Working with vehicle dimensions
Safe interval skills
Lessons 6-10

Practical course

Driving by means of traffic control
Control of speed, distance, intervals
Lessons 11-19

Practical course

Self-control of speed, distance, intervals
Driving in different conditions
Skills of different parking methods
Lessons 20-40

Practical course

Hone your driving skills
Quick analysis of the traffic situation
Learning the "ABC of emergency driving"
Independent decision making on the road

Driving license "B" — format "Online"

Bilokurov Konstantin
Autoschool branch 1 Desnyanskiy
Marshuba Dmytro
Autoschhol branch 2 Obolon
Chernetska Kateryna
Autoschhol branch 2 Obolon
Vladika Dmytro
Autoschhol branch 2 Obolon

Karat Driving School fleet

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Car with manual transmission
Car with automatic transmission
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I want to thank Karat School for teaching. I thank Serhiy Serhiyovych and Valery Mykhailovych for their professionalism and the positiveness with which each lecture took place. Special thanks to my driving instructor, Alexander Anatolyevich Tsyganov! For his attentiveness and "angelic" patience. He is a professional and just a wonderful person. I recommend to everyone who really wants to learn to drive.
Lyudmyla Aleksandruk
I graduated from the driving school "Karat" in Obolon. I was advised of this school, and I also advise others. Flexible class schedule, there is also the opportunity to teach theory online. Special thanks to my instructor Alexander Tsyganov for his patience, professionalism, smart driving advice. He always remained calm in any situation, explained and showed everything clearly and understandably. I recommend to everyone who wants to learn to drive a car.
Anastasia Rzaieva
Great driving school! The theory is explained clearly + after each lecture, the material is consolidated on tests, which is very useful for passing the exam. Instructor - Andrey Kolisnichenko. A patient and calm person who will support you in any situation on the road. Explain all driving principles in a clear and accessible manner. Demanding and professional instructor! From scratch I taught you how to drive and not be afraid on the road!
Petro Yablunivsky

Branches of the driving school Karat in Kyiv

Autoschhol branch 2 Obolon
21 Tymoshenko ave., building 12а, 4th floor
Branch autoschool 6 Pechersk
Lesi Ukrainky Boulevard 5
Autoschool branch 1 Desnyanskiy
26 Mayakovsky Ave., "Daryna" shopping center, 2nd floor
Autoschool branch 3 Poznyaki Osokorky
31 Dragomanova st., 1st floor
Autoschool branch 11 Livoberezhna
Sverstiuka 2b street
Autoschool branch 10 Lisoviy
Sholom Aleyhema str 18
Autoschool branch 8 Darnytsya Chernihivska
бул. Верховної ради 14-б
Autoschool branch 7 Kharkivska
Харківське шосе, 57
Autoschool branch 10 Berezniaky Rusanivka
Buchmy 5 street
Branch 4 Sviatoshyn
25/23 Feodory Pushynoi st.
Autoschool branch 5 Holosiiv
36 Vasilkivska st.
Autoschool Online
Online course
Driving courses
Driving courses


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Online driving school — distance learning format

For the comfort of students in the Karat driving school, theory classes are implemented through the student's online office, which allows you to study theory not only in full-time, but also remotely from any convenient location using a smartphone, computer or tablet. Online lectures at the driving school are held daily at 10-00, 14-00, 18-00, on weekends at 10-00, 12-30 and 15-00. Lectures are conducted by teachers in live communication with students, with the analysis of visual teaching materials and video examples of traffic situations and traffic rules. In addition to live lectures, the students of the driving school in the office of the remote driving school have the opportunity to view the lessons developed by the teachers of the driving school with extended comments on each section of traffic rules, safety basics, driving license and car maintenance, which allows them to thoroughly understand all the nuances of traffic rules and pass the theoretical course in the service center the first time.

The term of study in an online driving school is from two months and depends on the intensity of attending theory and practice, passing tests and internal exams. The recommended number of visits to lectures is at least three per week, practice at least four visits to quickly complete driving courses. The course of lectures consists of 20 lectures lasting 1.5-2.5 hours.

The price of an online driving school course starts from 6500 UAH with the possibility of a phased payment throughout the entire period of preparation. The practical part starts from 3 weeks from the beginning of classes and is paid 600 UAH for 60 minutes, the practice course consists of 40 lessons, respectively, the price of a full driving course will be 24 000 UAH.

Practical lessons begin from the branches of the driving school located in Obolon, Troyeshchina, Svyatoshyn, Poznyaky, Darnitsa, Goloseevo, and the center of Kyiv. Registration for lessons is made through the Karat driving school application. In the application, you can decide on a car, an instructor, feedback on teachers and choose a suitable time for classes.

Interested in an online driving school course? Leave a request and our managers will be happy to advise and give answers to all questions.