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What to look for when choosing a driving school in 2022?

Choosing a driving school, students rarely think about the consequences of making a wrong and unconscious choice of low-quality driving courses.

A mistake when choosing a driving course can affect how:

  • you will feel confident behind the wheel or are afraid to get behind the wheel
  • you will be able to drive a car without accidents and fears or get into unpleasant road situations with nerves and financial losses
  • will you get a driver's license after training at a driving school
  • you will be able to perform various maneuvers or ask for help to park or avoid difficult intersections and intensive road sections due to a lack of understanding of how to drive in a given situation.
  • spend money, but do not get enough knowledge and skills after completing training and many other factors.

What a student should pay attention to when choosing a driving school:

  1. Accreditation of the driving school in the Ministry of the Interior. A valid accreditation gives the right to train vehicle drivers. After completing training in a non-accredited institution, the student will not receive a certificate of completion of the driving school and will not be allowed to take exams at the territorial service center.
  2. Availability of certified teachers and instructors who have confirmed their pedagogical qualifications.
  3. The car park of the driving school must be certified, since if the cars have not been certified as training cars, training cannot be carried out on such cars. Also, each branch of the chosen organization should be assigned a larger number of training cars than is necessary for training students, which was the possibility of prompt replacement in case of breakdown, the desire to replace the car or instructor due to the incompatibility of the student and the teacher.
  4. Sufficient number of personnel. There should be a sufficient number of teachers and instructors for continuous training so that, if necessary, the course administrator can quickly replace the teacher or instructor. It is not uncommon for a driving school to have many branches, and in the selected class there is one or two instructors for all students. As a result, some do not have time to complete the curriculum, while the latter cannot start or enroll in a busy schedule of practical classes. As a result, the timeframes for completing the courses are extended several times. It is possible to sign up for practice in modern schools using the app on the student's phone, and not through the notebook of a busy driving instructor.
  5. Providing lecture classes with visual materials and models for the perception of information by the teacher. Driving school classrooms should be equipped to facilitate and increase the efficiency of the delivery of lecture material from the teacher. To practice the initial skills of driving a car, a car simulator for beginners is required during the courses. Classes for testing the acquired knowledge are computerized, and not, as in most schools, the solution of outdated tickets on leaflets.
  6. Conducting a full-fledged theoretical and practical training for the selected category. Unfortunately, a number of driving schools deliberately entice newbies with no driving experience to a minimum driving course. And if the theory can be independently tightened, then with practice such a trick will not succeed. As a result, the student does not pass the internal exam and is not allowed to the exam at the service center without additional lessons, often at higher prices.
  7. Transparent pricing policy with no hidden fees. When registering, it is important to clarify how many lessons in theory and practice are included in the chosen course. What additional payments and costs are possible. All the conditions for training at driver courses are fixed by the contract and the issuance of receipts for the services rendered.
  8. The interest of the autocourse staff in the preparation of safe and confident drivers, and not trivial coaching at the autodrome to pass exams in a service center. A number of driving schools, when choosing a minimum course of 10 lessons, 8 of which take place at the autodrome without leaving the city conditions, as a result, students engaged in the greenhouse conditions of the autodrome, when leaving the city, there is a stupor and shock from the number of transport, inability to travel through intersections, maneuvering, compliance SDA.
  9. Possibilities of choosing a schedule of visits. On most auto courses, the time for theoretical classes is evening, but what if the student does not have time to attend the evening lecture? Then the training organization is obliged to offer alternative options with morning, afternoon visit, weekend groups or online lectures with a teacher. In Karate, cadets choose a flexible visit schedule with a combination of full-time and online theoretical courses. The combination of passing a theoretical course in full-time and online format allows not to miss lectures even if the student is outside the driving school class, city, and even the country in which the auto courses are located. In this case, the cadet will not miss lectures, even during the period of antique lockdowns that have been covering Ukraine since 2020. It is not superfluous if autocourses provide access to recorded lectures and educational materials of an online driving school with viewing at a convenient time to consolidate the material covered.
  10. Availability of positive recommendations about the chosen driving school and instructors from friends and acquaintances. This factor will allow us to weed out organizations with personnel who are not interested in high-quality training of future drivers.

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